Tang Soo Do

All Ages and Abilities Welcome: First Class Free

Complete Martial Arts Training

Comberton Tang Soo Do is part of a worldwide association and is run by 4th Dan black belt Master Ben Harper.

Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art which teaches self defence through a number of methods. These methods include hand, foot and defence techniques, set sequences of moves (forms), light contact sparring, pad work and weapons training.

Tang Soo Do training enhances both physical and spiritual health, and as a way of life which aims to make the student a better person. We are a friendly club and welcome all ages and abilities aiming to increase the confidence and fitness of all our students.

Junior and Senior Students at Meridian Primary School
Bong classes at Meridian Primary School

Competitions and National Events

Comberton Tang Soo Do takes part in competition events for all ages and abilities.

Part of the World Tang Soo Do Association

Tang Soo Do is a two thousand year old martial art system and the techniques and philosophies are still taught in keeping with ancient traditions. The philosophy is not one of promoting violence but to provide a way ( Do ) that will guide the practitioner in all areas of life.

The World Tang Soo Do Association in which Comberton Tang Soo Do is affiliated, was founded in 1982 and since that time has expanded to many countries around the world. The founder of the association is Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, a highly respected figure within the world of martial arts. He devoted his life to the teaching of this art , combining all he learned to create this highly effective system.